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What is Vaastu Shastra?

Vaastu Shastra - The Science of direction (Disha) combining five elements of nature like Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Space which balances these elements with the living person and substance. Like any other science, Vaastu is universal, logical, practical and pragmatic.

Vaastu Shastra is all about the interaction and effects of natural elements on a living person. Vaastu Shastra aims to create a subtle favorable atmosphere in a structure which can bring the ultimate in oneself which can pave the way for aggrandized health, wealth, prosperity and happiness in a sophisticated environment to the house owners/occupiers and these families.

The principle in Vaastu Shastra was articulated keeping in view, the cosmic influence of the Sun, it's light and heat, solar energy, the moon position, the earth's magnetic field directions of the wind and the influence of cosmos on our planet.

According to Indian Vaastu Shastra, favorable house, good health, wealth, prosperity, comfort living for the families/person depends on the orientation of a building. The house design, North direction has a co-relation with the rotation of the planets. If any constructive building has a proper orientation it increases the life span of the building and the occupants too. The proper orientation means the proper knowledge of all the eight directions (East (Purva), West (Paschim), North (Uttar), South (Dakshin), North-East, North-West, South-East, South-West)

The Scientific Approach:

With reference to the scientific approach of Indian Vaastu Shastra, any Vaastu comprises of five natural elements like Earth - Magnetic field of the earth, Water - Gravitational attraction of the Earth, Fire - Solar radiation, Air - Wind energy and Space - Cosmic radiation. Each of the element corresponding to natural force lay an impact on our lives.