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What is Numerology?

One can define Numerology as a belief in the holy or Spiritual relationship between a number and many coinciding incidents.  Numerology is also the study of the numerical value of the letters in names, words and ideas.  Numerology is much associated with paranormal, astrology and art of Fortunetelling. It is an age-old ancient science of India which is simple, logical and accurate.

The most common belief is that a person’s name and birth date lay an impact on their emotional behavior, talents, traits, weaknesses, etc. It is said to be true as everything in Universe vibrates at its own specific frequency.

In our daily routine life, we always come across certain numbers. Ex: - Mobile no, Vehicle no, Ticket no, etc. If the numbers are favorable it gives us success. But if we go as per the Numerology it certainly proves to be fruitful. Anyone who don’t have perfect details of their birth time and place, with the help of Numerology they can achieve what they want. It gives stability to life (Health, Wealth and good relations).