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Once you replace negative things with positive ones, you'll start having positive results.

What is Feng Shui?

In English, feng shui is literally translated as "wind-water" where wind stands for human’s breath and humans are almost 60 percent water. In Chinese culture, wind and water are related to good health, thus good feng shui came to mean good fortune and bad feng shui means bad luck or misfortune. 

Feng Shui is also known as Chinese Geomancy which creates energy forces to harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment. Basically, Feng shui is not a science but is defines as pseudoscience and apparently relied on astronomy to find interrelationship between humans and the universe.

Basics of the Five Feng Shui Elements.

There are total five elements in Feng Shui; Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water.
These five elements are used to create balance and vibrant energy in all areas of your home.

These five elements aren't competing, but complementing each other and are changing, moving, waning, and expanding all the time.

Air and light are two elements that are essential for good feng shui energy in your home.

How does it help?

A simple way to change your life in a positive way is to change your environment. Some crowded and smaller spaces like city apartments can make it hard for residents to feel healthy and happy at home. An ancient Chinese art Feng Shui helps you to work on attracting more prosperity.

Wood : Wood is related to our health in feng shui. If you need to improve your health, you can place lush plants or pieces of wood furniture in the East area of your home. Also, you can introduce the feng shui elements of Wood and Water in the Southeast area of your house.

Water : Water represents wealth in Feng Shui. It is best to place a water element such as a fountain near the entry of your home. The water fountain should be flowing towards the center of your home whether it can be just inside or just outside.  The flowing water means that wealth has the opportunity to pour into your life!

Earth : This element creates a ‘home base’ in your life. Earth’s symbolic shape is a square (the most stable and grounded) and its colors are yellow, along with other earth tones such as light brown & sandy colors. The Earth shape square makes you feel balanced and secure, giving you an inner place that supports your efforts to care for yourself while caring for those around you, too.

Fire : Fire element is used to create good energy at home while placing candles in red, purple, yellow or orange color or go for candle holders in these colors. The best areas to place candles or candle holders are South, Southwest, Northeast, and Center areas of your home. Also, you can paint the south wall of your home or office with royal purple & sunset orange color or decorate with red color furniture which will surely brighten up your space.

Metal : Metal brings patronage luck, strength, rigidity, or powerful determination. The colors of feng shui element Metal’s are white and gray, as well as metallic colors like bronze and gold which are most welcomed in the areas of west, northwest and north.